Saturday, October 08, 2005

A new place for my thoughts & artwork

I just started this blog and hopefully will fill it with artwork for this world and friends to see :-)

Here is just a taste of my collage artwork...I hope you like it.

"Fly Birdie Fly" ACEO


elaine said...

Love the work on here - so original and quirky - you have a great eye for collage :)


tararossstudios said...

Great collage, I love it, creative!

Rick Lovell said...


I really enjoy your work. I teach illustration at the college level, and one of my classes is Illustration Media 1; it's pretty much all traditional media, mostly black and white, but we try to cover as many different media and surfaces as possible. One of the projects I have them do is a collage, and the theme is a metaphorical self-portrait. I'm not a collage artist, but it is great to do as an assignment because it involves so many different kinds of media. My question to you, as an "old pro" at this, is whether you know of any books or other resources about collages and mixed media art/illustration that could help me develop a richer lesson plan. Thanks.